If you’re getting an error that the Windows RT update isn’t working, this guide should help.


Please note that the main update we are looking for is the update ending with “55” in. To find it easier, just check the base number in the knowledge update history until you see it. p>

Another installation tip: of course, DO NOT install additional updates. At the end of the process, I would say that you need additional watch updates. Please google any KB number, some of them have caused big problems in the past! Personally, I’ve posted about 3 updates outside of the recommended location, including a new start menu and a few other fixes that no one has complained about.my

In the event, I had to wait several days for my device to receive and install each kb2919355 update, and I could take matters into my own hands.

Now I just installed a few and started looking for the latest on the Internet.

This is a brand new RT surface that I bought for pennies to see if I could use it as a portable typewriter


For those whoAs the process continues, the timeline looks like this:

– Friday 16:00 I completely reset the device to the official image, and also started checking for updates (did not sign in to my Microsoft ID, only to my favorite account)

– Friday 17:00 Received your message about the firmware update, downloaded and also installed on Friday

– 18:00 I put it on check and updates left it running. Saturday

– At night I came to try it and as a result he told me that he wants something – to install updates. I installed the updates, others didn’t have Kb2919355, updates but uploaded to check again

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– On Monday morning I came in with hopes, the full machine told me that the idea needed updating, installing a few kb2919355 was not one of them. I determined that it was done and resumed the search.

windows rt update not working

– it was often at 13:00 when searching, I got tired of waiting and went to the domination menu. It’s “Offered in an update combined with a reboot”, so I chose it. Matched 50 updates, kb2919355 was among them, but people failed.

– I fiddled around for about 5 minutes and he said until thenStupid (not looking at updates), including kb2919355. Installed, restarted.

– manually Then installed (turned off) (WLAN and restarted again. After

– Wanted, took 10 min to update. here it is! 161 updates, including 8 major optionals.

– It took 1 hour to download all 161 important updates, then about 2 hours to install.

– Patience is a virtue! After installing them with the 160 updates mentioned above, the provided interface will trigger a reboot. clicking After the “Restart” button, you spent more than 30 minutes rebooting in a circle. I was thinking about a hard reboot but it started showing the update installation progress so wait and wait for this to work. On

– the last installation took about an hour. As I mentioned at the beginning, I installed 3 additional extensions (carefully chosen from this list of 6)

– Only after that I connected my Microsoft account, installed all the great Metro UI apps and also updated them (don’t start using them until someone updates them, trust me in this guide).

It’s been a whileth time, and after one or two Surface and rt Surface owners, myself included, complained about updates and problems with the Windows Store on Windows Precisely, we recently rebooted our devices. So far, there is no main answer to Microsoft’s problem. solution.

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Fortunately, there is an operator that directly detects the download link for Windows RT 8.1 Update 3. In fact, I tried to install it on my Surface RT, but it failed, which ended up endlessly checking for Windows updates. I found that many regular users have the same problem as me. Personally, I decided to start over and hard reset my Surface RT one more time. This time I can, and the boot menu is now back on Surface my RT. Make sure

  1. Latest Windows RT 8 update
  2. Install 1 Windows RT 8.1 KB2919355
  3. Update a Windows hotfix using Windows Local Troubleshooter and install the update
  4. download Windows 8.KB3173424
  5. Download 1 and install Windows 8.1 RT KB3172614
  6. Turn on wi-fi and check for Windows updates.
  7. Check if 8 windows.1 with update 3 start menu is affected
  8. Read more

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1 Make Sure You Have The Latest Windows 8 Update Rt.1

Why can’t I update my Windows RT?

Solution 1 – Reboot Navigate surface from the Start menu and select Create at Power On > Restart (or Refresh and Restart). After your Surface restarts, try installing the updates again. If the problem persists, try the solutions. 2.

windows rt update not working

Before installing Windows RT 8.1, you must update your Surface RT to directly receive the Windows 8 rt.1 update. How to check:

  1. Swipe right >> Manage Windows Update
  2. Click Installed Updates in the lower left corner of the screen.
  3. Make sure you have “Update for Microsoft Windows (KB2919355)” in the Microsoft Windows “a” list.
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2 Windows Install Rt 8.1 You Kb2919355

If you can’t find the update in the list and you don’t need to check for updates, follow the windows steps to manually install “Microsoft Update for (KB2919355)” on Windows.

  1. Download the Windows8.1-kb2919355-arm.msu file that came with your computer.
  2. Disable Wi-Fi by clicking the Wi-Fi icon in the taskbar and in the Wi-Fi section set the new toggle to Off.
  3. Install the downloaded update package.

    How do I manually update my Surface RT?

    Without swipe from the right edge of the screen and even tap Settings. Ortap click Change PC settings. Update update > and restore.Tap or click Check Now.Select our updates you want to install and tap or click “Install”.

    Can Windows RT be upgraded?

    The short answer is no.” ARM-based machines like the Surface RT, but the Surface 2 Der (including the 4G version) will definitely NOT get the huge Windows 10 update.

    How do I fix Windows Update not working?

    If you encounter error codes when downloading and installing Windows updates, the Updates troubleshooter can help resolve the issue. Select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Other Troubleshooters. Then go up and select Refresh windows > Run basic troubleshooter.

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