If your computer has a Mac context menu, this guide might help you fix the problem.

right click menu mac

The right-click area on a Mac is full of useful features that seem uncategorized for every item you select in the Finder. For example, identifying an image and right-clicking will take you to menu options such as “Install” and “Desktop Image”. Almost every element type has a list of related menu options that you can use to do something related to that element on a regular basis.

Most people don’t notice that the context menu can be customized by adding your own useful options or by removing some pesky settings added by your applications you may have installed. In this tutorial, you will learn how to properly customize what is displayed.

Customize Context Menu

Right-click on any file or folder Click next to your Mac and you will see a real context menu similar to the one below. There are many related options depending on the type of all the items you select (for example, individual files, images, and documents you want to keep).


“– Select Menu”>


To see the context menu, do the following:

1. Open System Preferences and then just select “Keyboard” under “Hardware”.

4. Scroll down the list that appears until you see “Files but folders”. By default it should expand, but if not, just expand it to see all available solutions. They control what happens when you right-click files, in addition to a single

5 folders. Check or uncheck the box for each package that needs to be detected – in the example below, I had ClamXav antivirus software installed, which was also selected to hide just before the right click My mouse on the menu. You can also assign a double click key combination as well as a menu item and login with any key combination


“– Keyboard Shortcut”>

6. You may then need to disable the Snap process in order to make general changes (or just log out and log back in). Open a terminal (type Spotlight or find it in the Applications -> Utilities folder) and type Killall Dock followed by Enter

7. Go to Finder and right click on any file or file and you will see an updated selection. For example, I selected “Scan with ClamXav” in the previous step and it is currently back in the menu as shown below


“– New element”>


8.If you want to change other actions on a folder, there are many options associated with options, such as for underlined text. Locate the Text section to view your text selection options in any app (such as Mail). In this example, I have marked Add Contact


“– Labels”>


Now just go to one of them and type some text (it makes sense to use the name above this example) and highlight it, right click and now you can select the element to see what you have added, i would say the previous menu, for example B. Add a contact as shown below.


“– Add to contacts”>


That’s all you need to do: you can add as many right-click systems as you like, which apply to all the products you’ve selected in the Finder!

No One Left Yet

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Apple products are a true synonym for minimalism in design: everything superfluous is removed, everything that interferes with style is left behind. So much so that many people who have made the transition from Windows to Mac will immediately realize that there is no right for a Mac.

Your instinct might tell you that most right-click actions on the right Mac involve pressing the appropriate side of the trackpad or the entire Apple mouse. But no matter what you clicked, the click always came back.

What do you need to right-click on a Mac? Well, the left click, your normal click routine, moves the visitor forward and takes the next boolean factor in the stream. However, the right touch allows the user to open many more paths, leading to many alternative actions.

The need for thisThe secondary actions and the total physical loss of the Mac’s best push button has left many buyers looking for the elusive Mac to push and turn to the ground, asking, “What’s the right click?” on a Mac?”

How To Left Click On A Mac

How do I change the right click settings on a Mac?

Click the Apple () menu in the upper left corner of your Mac’s Showcase screen and choose System Preferences.In the settings window, click on the touchpad icon.Click on any point and click on the tab.Check all the boxes next to Secondary Click.

For the record, you don’t have to be completely overwhelmed by the lack of PC mouse buttons to be able to force click, it takes almost no effort.

right click menu mac

Simply press down on the touchpad or even the touchpad on your mouse until you hear a distinct click. This is a left click game on Mac.

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