Over the past few days, some of our users have reported that Lenovo has detected an open boot menu.

Quickly and continuously press F12 or (Fn+F12) at the lenovo boot time logo to open the Windows Boot Manager. Select a bootable device from the list. Is this a one time option?


Many Windows users report that they cannot access the menu bar on their Windows PC. Done, you can call it an easy job. Shows you today such as article, access Lenovo start menu in Windows 7/8/8.with 1/10 easy creative ideas for all user levels.

“Now I have a Lenovo G500s laptop and I need to install Windows, but can I access the non-boot menu so can I boot from a USB drive. I have used many keys such as F1, F9, F2, and del etc Always failed. How to get menu neige? le Any help is appreciated. Done,

Startup problems are common, windows are varied. And how to boot from a bootable Lenovo USB stick is usually a real question for countless non-commercial users. It also takes some patience, it will drive you crazy if you get access blocked. to your Windows research. If you have tried a lot of tips on the Internet, stop and follow the ideas in this article to quickly restart your Windows desktop and laptop.1

Part – Common Lenovo Start Menu Key For Different Models Of Lenovo Desktops/laptops

IdeaPad N, V, Y Series

open boot menu lenovo


IdeaPad P Series

After Lenovo F12 logo

IdeaPad S, U, Z Series

F12, New button

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Series B, E

F12, New button

Edge, Flex Series

New Button

G Series


Series K, M, B


Series N


Series, Y

New Button

Z Series

Novo Z50-70 button

ThinkPad edge, e431, e531, e545, helix, i440, i540, s431, t440s, t540p, wounded, w510, w520, w530, w540, x140, x230, x240, X1 Carbon

< /td>


Part 2: Access Lenovo Boot Menu From Windows 10/8.1/8?

However, in recent years, most computers have loaded four Windows 10 very quickly, to discover an important loading point. Follow these steps, run to menu Roaming Access on a Lenovo desktop or laptop computer.

  • Press the Windows key + subkey to c, open the charms bar. About
  • click “Settings” button then select “Change PC settings”.
  • Go to the General option.
  • Look at the “Advanced Startup” section and click on it, then click on “New Now” Startup.
  • Click “Use Device” and go to the “Start” menu.
  • Part 3. What If You Need To Enter Lenovo BIOS To Configure Laptop/desktop Boot From USB In Windows 8/8.1/10?

    If you are unable to boot Lenovo from the Easy Boot menu, take a picture of your computer. Could you please try to enter Lenovo BIOS settings to reboot from USB.

    1. Activation of the charms bar is required for Windows – C key.
    2. Select “Settings” on the back and then “Change PC” settings.

    3. Scroll down and click “Update & >> Recovery” “Recovery” >> “Advanced Restart at Startup Now” >>.

    4. Continue to select “Troubleshooting” -> Options” “Advanced” SettingsFirmware swarms” -> “Restart uefi”.

    Easy tips for getting feedback from Lenovo and loading the BIOS setup menus are given. It is almost certainly believed that you can fix these problems with Windows at this stage. If you are in the case that everyone can’t boot your entire Windows PC due to our own forgotten Windows login password, relax, Windows password key can help you completely reset Lenovo password on any Windows practice without reformatting or reinstalling the community . /p>

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    For system administrators, BIOS logging is likely to become common practice. Most users do not care about the intricacies of setting up a PC or laptop, do not think about reinstalling Windows or booting from a CD / DVD flash drive and drive, and do not know the BIOS at all. In addition – to have for a complete idea, and what and where to configure in the BIOS. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with popular ways to open such settings.

    BIOS is a very necessary computer program that is stored on a person’s motherboard. This allows the user to systemically modify the software and system settings of the computer software, disable all involved parties, provide repair support, and perform management functions while the motherboard is in use. First,

    What the master does in the event of a computer or laptop failure is the BIOS. In 80% and 100%, the main thing is that he receives information about the causes of the system error.

    The Most Common Connection Methods From A Lenovo Laptop

    Lenovo Boot Menu finally refers to the available menu, whichpreviously on a Lenovo computer that completely contains other device CDs, such as a DVD, USB stick, or shoe drive. Even if your computer already has a system in the start menu, you can still download other operating products or applications.

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    open boot menu lenovo

    Also, when installing a new operating system on a specific computer, you benefit greatly from the download navigation as you can then select 1 device to use based on the best demand.

    The most common and well-known way to enter the BIOS is by pressing the Delete key on the keyboard.

    However, some netbook and PC manufacturers, including Lenovo, need other ways to access most systems.

    Start Menu And Startup Sequence

    Are the shoe or boot menus the same? Probably line no. The boot menu allows you to decide which boot device to use when starting the laptop. It concerns

    What boot order is, is a BIOS configuration setting that can tell each of our devices what order to search inin the given list of boot devices.there is

    The boot sequence can then run each time the computer automatically boots without user intervention. To use the main boot menu option, customers must use a certain formula to magically access the menu, then select the boot option.

    Now the dilemma is how to access the menus of Lenovo Snow.

    Corrigir Problemas De Abertura Do Menu Iniciar Da Lenovo De Maneira Fácil
    Probleme Beim Öffnen Des Lenovo Startmenüs Auf Einfache Weise Beheben
    Risolvi I Problemi Di Apertura Del Menu Start Di Lenovo In Modo Semplice
    Solucione Los Problemas De Apertura Del Menú De Inicio De Lenovo De Una Manera Fácil
    Los Problemen Met Het Openen Van Het Lenovo Start-menu Op Een Eenvoudige Manier Op
    Åtgärda Problem Med Lenovos Startmeny På Ett Enkelt Sätt
    Napraw Problemy Z Otwieraniem Menu Start W Lenovo W łatwy Sposób
    Résoudre Les Problèmes D’ouverture Du Menu Démarrer De Lenovo En Toute Simplicité

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