If you want to see live NSE stock quotes in Excel, this article will help you.

We Finally Did It!

On June 3, 2019, Microsoft released Office 365, which allows Excel browsers to re-integrate real-time stock quotes into their spreadsheets. This feature has never been supported in Excel, but while many users have used Excel to view inventory data from Yahoo! Fund before feature ends in 2018 (thank you Verizon!).

live nse stock prices in excel

How do I create a live stock chart in Excel?

The stock chart in Excel is also known as the high-low close chart because it showed that these data conditions in the markets for these stocks are the most significant changes in their stock prices that we can insert. actually it leaves four types of stock charts, High Low Close is the most commonly used because it has multiple top price ranges and more lows that we can use so you have six series they can price on stock charts .

Real-time Data With Native Excel Functions

Excel 2010 and later supported – at least in method “Get data from any website usingGet custom menu text from the Internet. Here’s how I access it in my Excel 2016:

live nse stock prices in excel

A Real Example Of Using The GOOGLEFINANCE Function

Let’s take a look at an example to see what data from both Google Spreadsheets looks like with this GOOGLEFINANCE function, and also from the Google Finance website. In this example, we should look at NLC India Ltd. watch. The image below shows all of these special data generated by the GOOGLEFINANCE function.

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Today’s Biggest Winners

He gives everyone a list of stocks that are undoubtedly the best winners on the last day of Forex trading. Stocks are ranked according to a percentage change column called pChange. You’ll also find other important metrics such as the yearly minimum and how payments have changed over the last month or so and over the year.


Capital: 851.55 Cr VF: 5.00

1>Data On The Web

One way to get data from the Web is to immediately connect Excel to the Internet, as described in another article about publishing on the Internet. The connection component data needs to be changed for each individual shared folder, which I tried to swap without VBA code, with almost no success. So we need to start using vba code to get the dataset. One way is to create a data connection and constantly change the connection aspects for each stock based on its stock tickers/symbols. Here we use the ServerXMLHTTP object when we want to match the required URL and access the corresponding data. But another doubt that needs to be answered, of course, is where we get the relevant data from. Since there are usually many websites that provide this data, it is not difficult to choose which website to use. Here I choose the nse Exchange site itself. Infosys URL: http://www.nseindia.com/live_market/dynaContent/live_watch/get_quote/GetQuote.jsp?symbol=INFY&illiquid=0


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